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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

SchpatDope on SchpatDope??!??

Mark Asks:

Hey schpat!
Have you got an RSS or Atom syndication feed for your blog?

Schpat Answers:

This is kinda a strange question for the SchpatDope to answer. It's not weird or sordid or anything, but I'll do it anyway. Hey questions are sparse!

The ScpatDope is inspired by Cecil Adam's The Straight Dope, it's just not as well researched or funny! Well it might be as funny sometimes, but I'm not promising anything!

I'd like to do a SchpatDope once a week, but that all depends on whether or not people actually ask me questions, it's really though work making them all up myself! When posts are made you can pick up the full contents via our Atom feed .

Remember that I'm fine with syndication, in fact I love the idea, as long as the post appears in exactly the same way as it was sent. That means no editing, especially not to remove the ads. Also all work is copyright to me and shouldn't be passed off as your own, always include The SchpatDope in your assignment under list of references. Although if you are using this site as a reference for an assignment, I'd think again.

Also if you do subscribe to the blog feed, or syndicate it to millions, I'd really appreciate it if you let me know. It's just so that I can see how many people are reading it. There have been 475 site view since friday, and if people subscribe it'll be difficult for me to keep track of that.

Also remember to support our sponsors by checking out their websites, even if they are only offering credit checks and free golf balls. Our newest researcher, Mitsy, really appreciates it!

So make with the sending of questions already and please don't be scared to comment on the posts.



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